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Period/ Duration

Project name/ Client name

Description of Work


C928 - DTL-3 MRT project
Down down Line stage 3

Fabrication of Strutting works- approximate 4000 tons under Kori constructions

PSVR000113- Pipe Rack works-
7 Sea side Modules

Fabrication of Piperack MODULES- 13 nos for shell project

CMC- C926 project- MRT
MRT station at Tampanis ave 1

Supply,Fabricate,Installation of Tunnell Thrust frame at statium shaft and Prison shaft-

Bedok Mixed Development project
AVA project bedok interchange

Fabrication of steel works for entrance canopy -6,7,8,9,.

Jurong Aromatics- Jurong island

Fabrication & Installation of Steel structure for compressor house- 200 tons
Flare tower fabrication and installations- ( 29 towers)

C927- MRT - Tunneling

Supply, Fabrication & installation of tunnell Ventilation passage and cross passage - 150 tons

Singapore University of technology and design

supply, fabricate, installation of Catwalk structure for lecture theatre , auditorium blocks Approx: 400 meters

Eco Residance condominium project

supply,fabrication and installation of waler beams anchor brackets and strutting works 230 tons





Tree House condominium
Bukit panjang

Fabrication and installation of steel tree structure Garden canopy structure

Connexion - Hospital project

Supply, Fabrication and installation of steel structure and staircase

Essar Projects/ Jurong Aromatics plant

Design, Supply, Fabrication of Tank working platforms structure

MRT-DTL 3- C926
Construction of station at bedok resorvior

Shop drawings, Supply, Fabrication, Installation of Craddle & Thrust frame for TBM machine

Alpine GMBH/ C917 & C918 MRT

Supply, Fabrication of Tunnell accssories california cross Y switch beams
Tunnell Sleeper
Tunnell Walk way, cable brackets

Temporary work shop building roofing works

Demolition of existing POB bridge and Construction of New Pedestrain cross over bridge

Supply & fabrication Deck beams

Supply, Fabrication and deliver of Craddle & thrust frame for TBM machine

Supply, Fabricate, Installation of slurry pump station roofing works

Supply, Fabricate and deliver to site the Thrust frame for expo bound, Bukit panchng boune

Keele projects / ACI pte ltd
Installation of steel structure- 400 tons

Keppel Marlimau - Alstom Power Plant

Proposed erection of single storey factory complex with Acillary office with mezz floor
Acillary office with mezz floor
Cladding pre cast wall - 5000 m2

Roofing of HAFG works
Tuas power plant roofing works





HillTOP Condominium- Orchard road

Fabrication and installation of steel works Trellis, Linkway,Entrance canopy,

C854 -MRT - Entrance canopy

Fabrication and Installation of permenent steel structure works for entrance canopy

SBPL/ Seraya / Furnace platform

Supply , Fabrication, Installation of platforms, gratings- 75 tons

Shell/ Pulav Bukom/ scan bilt Cylinder storage shed

Fabrication of Roofing and structural for cylinder shed

SAR-R Piping welding

SAR-R project-
Welding of piping joints for utility line in

JSS- expansion of lubrication plant
Pioneer Road

Installation of pipe rack PR 01 toPR32.
Inside the running plant.

Alpine GMBH ltd
Contract C 915

Fabrication of Built up beams 900mm x 75mm thick for temporary decking supporting structure

Mcconnell Dowell SEA pte ltd

Project: Walking Bridge Crane beam & Deck beams Piling frame .
Fabrication of built up beams at various sizes

Horizon Terminals
Jurong Island

Improvement of FRP grating platforms on tanks roof top for 30 tanks of various dia from 18m to 40m

Supply,Fabrication and installations of cross over platforms ,walkways,bunwall crossings

C916 - MRT- DTL 2

Fabrication and installations of temporary road decking beams and structure

TOTAL 1550 tons

C916 MRT - DTL - 2
Mcconnell Dowell SEA pte ltd

TWIN pipe supports fabrication and installations

140 tons
pipe line 1k.m x 2lines x 2.3 diameter





Sky@Eleven condominium

Fabrication and erection of steel structure at Entrance canopy,Trellis,Car park link way, Club house and Guard house roof

HDB block - jurong

Fabrication & installation of Staircase,Aircon ledge, Parapet wall handrailing works

International Cruise Centre

Supply,Fabrication,Painting and delivery of steel structure platforms c/w chequered plate




Horizon Terminals

Regular maintanance works inside
the terminal
6 months

Helios Terminals

Helios Terminals

Exxon Mobil -SPT project

Fabrication of SS piping works- 6", 10",
Pipe threading works for tank fire fighting line
Pipe rack structure fabrications- utilities package
Valve/working platforms fabrications-IC&T package
machining and threading works
Fabrication of Man hole flanges
Boundary fencing works

SBRM, Shell -Pulav Bukom

Supply and fabrication of steel pipes,
chequered plate platforms.
angle bar frames , gratings , miscelanious steel items

Marina Bay Sands - IR
Integrated Resorts

Assembly,site welding and Erection of structural steel work at south podium for Mice & cat walk and Roof Structure- South Plant Ball Room

Sentosa -IR- integrated Resorts

Fabrication and Erection of Supporting
steel structure works for Escalator area
Wall & Column cladding steel structure works,

SPT project- Temp Yard

Shifting of materials from island to shop,
dismantling of structures erected over there
Reinstatement of yard.
Erection of the crane structure and roofing works






Painting of steel structure


All Temporary steel fixtures

School of Arts project

Assembly of Truss and welding works all Heavy trusses 50m Long with segments (Part of the Work)

Construction of Private House at Newton

Supply,fabricate and installation of roofing at No-1 Mount rosie road - Apartments

Helios Terminals


Supply and,fabricate and installation of gratings and embedded plates

construction of man hole wall Supply,Fabricate,paint and installation of Jetty Gate

Precasting of concrete stairs, Pipe supprots, Bund wall panels

Genentech,- Bovis Lend Lease


Supply,fabricate ,installation
frames for shutter doors

of Door casing cover channels

Horizon terminal Phase -3







Supply,Fabrication ,Painting and delivery of tank Jigs and Fixture- Jewellary items

Fabrication of FRP tank leak deduction sump for 23 tanks

Supply,Fabricate & delivery of inspection hatch door for all 23 tanks

Supply,fabrication and delivery of roof vent ducts for 114 pcs

Fabrication and installation of handrails
Type A abd B for all tank stair case area

Casting of staircase foundations for 30 tanks
Misellanious Steel structure platforms fabrications

Re-instatement works at helios site office area and storage area

Vopak terminals

Drain construction works for Vopak terminal
phase 3
C7,B, Cast in Situ, type drains













Helios Terminal


Welding of HDPE pipes and installation of HDPE pipes in underground Approx 3K.M. Dia 100mm to 300mm

Bund wall construction :Fabrication of Form Works supports, side wall panels, etc

CWT Engineering

Renovation of blasting chamber
Removal of all damaged rubber and concrete
Horizon terminals- Phase -2
Fixing of rubber 5mm thick
Repair of celing

Horizon terminals- Phase -2




Fixing of aluminium steps on tank roof walk way in existing live plant

About 1800 pcs , at 30 tanks

Fabrication of manhole flanges, covers
Quantity: 42 sets

Fabrication and installation , floor concreting of temporary sheds for storage use.
all by 25mm , 40mm ,50mm SHS
Sizes: 6mx10m , 10m x20m,and various sizes.

Concreting of staircase and fixing of hand rails, Painting of Tank foundations: 500m2

Bovis Pharmechuticals

Supply and fabrication of Drip pans stainless steel pans size 6m x 5m x 3mm total 16 Units

Helios Terminals




Fabrication of embedded plates and angles for pipe support foundation

Fabrication of Electrical cable supports
Fabrication of I beam structure for temp.shed
Fabrication of canteen benches and tables

Concreting of staircase and fixing of hand rails,

Concreting of staircase and fixing of hand rails,

Installation of Pipe Briges
Cattell Engineering

Installation of Pipe bridge structure along Banyan avenue- jurong island

Singapore Refineries company
Tank Roofing works

Assembly and installation of Aluminium dome
roof on oil tankage
2 nos tanks

Project: Hin leong terminal

Assembly and installation of Aluminium dome
roof on oil tankage

Horizon terminals

Construction of temporary Workshop at site
Civil construction of Beams, structure sump, machine foundations, drainages

Blasting Machine Foundation and civil works

Design and Build the Blasting machine foundation at No.12, Gul road.
foundation at No.12, Gul road.

Off shore Pipe Fabrications

Involved in Fabrication of pipe spools at workshop

Helios Terminals


To supply,Fabricate ,galvanize and installation of fencing and Gate for Boundary.

Green colur std fence ht 2.1m with vertical post and barbe wire Qty; 2500m





B.L.P.T project, Jurong Island

Fabrication and supply of jigs and fixture and machining items

Fabrication and supply of jigs and fixture

saddle supports, Lifting temporary structure

Fabrication of tripoid and other temporary Fabrication of tripoid and other temporary

Supply of roofing sheet and roofing work for extension area

Assembly and erection of aluminium Dome roof

Erection of fire water pipe and supports around the tank 4" and 6"

National parks - pasir panchang

Fabrication and erection of crane run way Columns, beams and bracings

Ulu Pandan Newater project

Fabrication and erection of monorail crane supporting structure.

Factory at no41, Tuas ave 13

Fabrication and erection of 10 ton crane supporting structure.

Novaritis pharmachutical plant

Fabrication of supporting structure for rolling shutter 18M height X 45M long

Horizon terminals





Installation of pipe supports and erection of Cooling water system and foam piping systen at tankage.

Civil work: Concrete staircaase for 30 tanks and supply, fabricate, galvanizing and Site installation works.

Painting of tank foundations surfaces and boot seal areas

Modification of tank roof aluminium staircase for 30 tanks

Fabrication of Foam Nozzle deflector duct by aluminium sheet and installation inside the tank at 18m height

Tank Store Pte LTd

Supply and fabrication of Tank jigs and Fixtures
one coat primer paint

Vopak- Pulav Sebarak

Modification of pipe rack structure at Vopak Terminal at Pulav sebarok



A&A works for Novena Square shopping center Novena Square shopping center

Novena Square shopping center

One Raffeles Quay

Paint touch up work at erected steel structure

Fusion Polis @ Buono Vista

Assembly of steel structure trusses and welding